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A7 Mercury-Redstone

1/12 Scale Rocket Engines
About This Project


The Rocketdyne A7 rocket engine was used on the Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle.It was the first American manned space booster that launch the first American in space.The Redstone Model A7 powerplant is a single-start with no intermediate thrust control turbopump-fed, liquid bipropellant rocket engine. The main engine propellants are liquid oxygen and denatured 75-percent ethyl alcohol. The turbopumps are driven by the exhaust products of decomposed 75-percent hydrogen peroxide. The A7 rocket engine features double-walled thrust chamber cooled by the alcohol supplied by the single fuel line which extends from the fuel side of the turbopump to the fuel inlet connection at the base of the thrust chamber exhaust nozzle. This single fuel line is a major change in engine configuration over earlier models. The A7 rocket engine operated at 78,000 lb of sea-level thrust for a nominal duration of 121 sec.

Item Description

Full SLA (Stereolithography) 3dprinted scale model kit with very high detail.

Printed detailed assembly instructions booklet included in the kit also available as a PDF download.

Dimensions of finished model:

Height: 265mm

Width/Length: 102x102mm



This is a fully 3Dprinted model kit, parts requires cleaning of the model support, assembly painting and finishing.



Item is super well packaged guaranteeing no damage during transportation.

If you have any questions or want to say hello feel free to contact me!