J2 scale model kit 1/12 by Accuraspacemodels
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Super high detail scale model kit of the J2 Rocket engine used on NASA’s Saturn IB and Saturn V launch vehicle.

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The J-2 was a liquid-fuel cryogenic rocket engine used on NASA’s Saturn IB and Saturn V launch vehicles. Built in the United States by Rocketdyne, the J-2 burned cryogenic liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid oxygen (LOX) propellants, with each engine producing 1,033.1 kN (232,250 lbf) of thrust in vacuum. The engine produced a specific impulse (Isp) of 421 seconds (4.13 km/s) in a vacuum (or 200 seconds (2.0 km/s) at sea level) and had a mass of approximately 1,788 kilograms (3,942 lb). The J-2 rocket engine was the most powerful liquid hydrogen engine that flew in the 1960s, holding that title until the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) flew in April of 1981. Like Rocketdyne’s other man-rated engines of that era, all of the engine’s accessories, such as its turbopumps, heat exchanger, and hydraulic pumps, were mounted directly on the rocket engine’s thrust chamber. The J-2 rocket engine had a tubular-walled, bell-shaped thrust chamber. The thrust chamber body was constructed of stainless steel regenerative cooling tubes consisting of 180 half-length “down” tubes and 360 full-length “up” tubes. They were brazed together and supported by bands around the tubes for external stiffening. The propellant feed system consists of separate fuel and oxidizer turbopumps. The bearings of which were lubricated by the fluid being pumped because the extremely low operating temperature of the engine so no lubricants or other fluids could be used. .Five J-2 engines were used on the Saturn V’s S-II second stage and one J-2 was used on the S-IVB upper stage used on both the Saturn IB and Saturn V. Unlike most liquid-fueled rocket engines in service at the time, the J-2 was designed to be restarted once after shutdown when flown on the Saturn V S-IVB third stage. The first burn, lasting about two minutes, placed the Apollo spacecraft into a low Earth parking orbit. After the crew verified that the spacecraft was operating nominally, the J-2 was re-ignited for translunar injection, a 6.5 minute burn which accelerated the vehicle to a course for the Moon.

Thrust (sea-level): 232,250 lbf (1,033.1 Kn)
Nominal thrust duration: 450-470s
Fuel: LOX / LH2

Item Description
Full SLA (Stereolithography) 3dprinted scale model kit with very high detail.
Includes printed detailed assembly instructions booklet.

Dimensions of finished model:
Height: 285mm (11.2in)
Width/Length: 169 x 169mm (6.6x 6.6in)


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