SpaceX Raptor scale model kit 1/12 by Accuraspacemodels
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Super high detail scale model kit of the innovative Raptor Rocket engine developed by SpaceX and used on the Starship launch vehicle.

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The SpaceX Raptor is an advanced rocket engine featuring a full-flow staged combustion manufactured by SpaceX. The engine is powered by cryogenic liquid methane and liquid oxygen (LOX), rather than the RP-1 kerosene and LOX used in SpaceX’s prior Merlin and Kestrel rocket engines. The Raptor engine has more than twice the thrust of the Merlin 1D engine that powers the current Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The Raptor engine is using a more efficient design with a Full Flow Staged Combustion cycle, in contrast to the simpler “open-cycle” gas generator system and LOX/kerosene propellants that current Merlin engines use this feature was used before only by some Russian rocket engines, including the NK-33, RD-180 and the RD-191. A full-flow staged combustion offers a great advantage of higher fuel efficiency through higher specific impulse with the disadvantage that requires more complex and advance engineering to create such an engine. Raptor will be used in both stages of the two-stage-to-orbit, super-heavy-lift Starship system launch vehicle, which is designed to replace all existing SpaceX launch vehicles, including the Falcon 9 , Falcon Heavy and the SpaceX Dragon 2. Raptor engines are expected to be used in various applications, including Earth-orbit satellite delivery market, deployment of a large portion of SpaceX’s own Starlink megaconstellation, and the exploration and eventual colonization of Mars.
Currently (2021) the Raptor produces the highest combustion chamber pressure ever reached by an operational rocket engine, at 330 bar, surpassing the record held by the RD-701 rocket engine at 300 bars.
Trust: 2,210 kN (500,000 lbf) Dry weight: 1,500 kg (3,300 lb)

Item Description
Full SLA (Stereolithography) 3dprinted scale model kit with very high detail.
Includes detailed assembly instructions booklet also available as a PDF download.

Dimensions of finished model:
Height: 240mm (9.44in)
Width/Length: 90 x 90mm (3.54 x 3.54in)


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