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V2 mod. 1944

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Super high detail scale model kit of the famous V2’s rocket engine powered Germany’s V-2 “Vengeance Weapon” during World War II.

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The V2’s rocket engine powered Germany’s V-2 “Vengeance Weapon” during World War II. The world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile. The engine was developed during WW2 by Wernher von Braun and was a leap forward in rocket technology and a great technological achievement for that time. It paved the way toward more powerful rockets developed in the 1950s and later. The V2’s rocket engine is using two high-speed turbo pumps to feed the propellants liquid oxygen and alcohol into the combustion chamber. The power for the turbo-pumps comes from the steam that is generated from the chemical reaction of combining, sodium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide in the steam generation unit. The development of high speed turbopumps was critical to the development of large liquid fueled rocket engines since it is required to provide large amounts of propellants to be fed into the combustion chamber. The turbine of the V2 developed 580 horsepower and turned the pumps at about 3,800 revolutions per minute. The turbopumps forced 128pounds (58kg) of alcohol and 159 pounds (72kg) of liquid oxygen into the V-2’s combustion chamber every second.

Another important component in the V-2 design was its thrust chamber propellant-mixing system, its cooling method and its shape. The twin turbo pumps forced alcohol and liquid oxygen through nozzles under high pressure into 18 mixing “cups” at the top of the chamber. In the burner cups there is an array of fine injector nozzles where the fuels is sprayed in a fine mist and making it to burn more efficiently. The V-2’s engine to remove excess heat from the combustion chamber

is using a combination of regenerative cooling and film cooling methods. The regenerative cooling is provided by circulating the rocket’s alcohol fuel between the thrust chamber’s double walls before being forced through the injector nozzles and into the combustion chamber. Film cooling of the chamber was achieved by injecting through small holes in the chamber’s walls alcohol fuel and forming a protective barrier between the combustion and the chamber structure. The chamber’s short, round shape made the engine more efficient than older designs which were longer and thinner The round upper part mixed and burned propellants effectively, and the wide opening at the bottom allowed rapidly expanding gasses to escape with minimal friction. The max. burning time of the engine was 65-70 seconds,

The V-2’s engine produced a thrust of 56,000 pounds (25.4tons), giving the rocket a maximum range of 220 miles (354km), a ceiling of 50-60 miles (80-96km) and a speed of 3,400 mph (5472 km/h).

Item Description
Full SLA (Stereolithography) 3dprinted scale model kit with very high detail.

Dimensions of finished model:
Height: 308mm (12.3in)
Width/Length: 134mm x 134mm (5.27 x 5.27 in)

Additional Information
Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 cm
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for V2 mod. 1944

  1. Roger Thomas (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, incredible detail – You won’t find better for the price.

  2. Dan

    This is the best kit I have ever seen! Parts are flawless, packaging was excellent, and the customer service was first class. I was amazed at the speed at which my package was delivered. I will be ordering additional kits.

  3. Panos Moraitis

    Amazing quality and detail! Highly recommeded!

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