V2 Mod. 1944 1/12 - Accuraspacemodels
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V2 Mod. 1944 1/12


Building process:

Out of the box build. The parts where first primed with light grey automotive primer from Motip any imperfections where addressed with light sanding with 500girt sand paper. After the parts that would be painted with metallic colors where painted with gloss black color and afterward they were painted with metallic paints using using an airbrush. Parts were assembled together with super glue.

Surface preparation:

Motip light grey primer , Gloss black

Colors used:

  • Alclad metallic colors: White Aluminum ACL106, Steel ACL112, Dark Aluminium ALC-103
  • Vallejo: Dark Grey 70.994, Black 70.861, Field Grey 70.830

Painted by: Evangelos Agas