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NK 33


Super high detail scale model kit of the famous NK-33 rocket engine destined to be used by the N1 moon rocket of the Soviet Union during the space race.

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The NK-33 is a rocket engine designed and built in the early 1970 by the Kuznetsov Design Bureau also known as OKB-276 with Nikolay Kuznetsov as chief designer. It was intended to be used for the Soviet N-1 moon rocket for the soviet moon program. The engine achieved impressive performance characteristics, like high specific impulse and high thrust to weight ratio by using unique design concepts and pushing the technology to what it was thought to be impossible. The fuels used were LOX for oxidizer and RP-1 for fuel in a staged combustion cycle also known as closed cycle where the hot gases from the pre-burner that drives the turbo pumps are not dumped overboard but are introduced into the main combustion chamber to contribute to the total thrust. Staged combustion cycle requires the use of oxygen-rich pre-burners to drive the turbopumps something thought impossible by the west because oxygen-rich exhaust burns the metals that comes in contact with however by perfecting the metallurgy they made it possible. The existence of those engines thought to be a myth and only after the collapse of the Soviet Union a number of those engines where discovered in a warehouse and they proved that their characteristics where real.

Trust: 1,510 kN (340,000 lbf) Dry weight: 1,240 kg (2,730 lb)

Item Description
Full SLA (Stereolithography) 3dprinted scale model kit with very high detail.

Dimensions of finished model:
Height: 31cm (12.2in) 
Width/Length: 12 x 12 (4.7 x 4.7in)

Additional Information
Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 14 cm
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